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My name is Jessi and I live in Nashville, Tn and am a lover of all things in the kitchen. In high school I learned that cooking was my life therapy and being in the kitchen felt like home.  For the past 10 years my desire has been to learn anything and everything I can about food, cooking, entertaining and styling.

I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I have always loved to cook but am now having to revamp my kitchen and learn new styles of cooking and eating to accommodate my diagnosis. At Jessi’s Kitchen you will find a mixture of gluten free, paleo friendly, vegan, vegetarian and probably some delicious cocktails and really whatever else I am feeling inspired by.  Join me as I dive in to this new way of living, cooking, and eating.









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  1. I love your title and tagline: “Because healthy doesn’t have to be plain.” I have been learning that exact thing! I am so glad you visited my blog, because now I have found your blog! About to go check it out some more… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How has being diagnosed with hashimotos changed your diet? What are the foods you now avoid? I was diagnosed a few years ago, and have been contemplating a permanent diet change. Thank you!!

  3. Courtney, I now avoid gluten, dairy, soy, corn and most grains. I just try to consume a real food diet and avoid processed foods. Changing my diet reduced a lot of inflammation I was dealing with and helped a lot with stomach issues I was having. I feel a million times better. I hope this helps some! This is a good resource for some information on Hashimotos and diet. http://www.thyroidlifestyle.com

  4. Happy to see that you are also focusing on diet to heal your autoimmune condition! I think struggles are always there to teach us and show us something, so it’s amazing that you are using this as a way to reach others with DELICIOUS and not boring healthy foods!

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