Charcoal + Safer Skincare Routine

Charcoal + Safer Skincare Routine

Last month I took some time to talk about my switch to safer and high performing skincare and talk a little bit about why what you put on your skin matters. Now I want to talk about some of my personal favorite products and how Charcoal is now a part of my Safer Skincare Routine. I am personally very passionate about the topic of safer skincare and hope you have all had a chance to check out my recent blog post about it. If you haven’t had the chance you can read more HERE.

Charcoal is a pretty hot topic right now and probably something you have heard about from friends or perhaps on social media. Activated charcoal is often confused with those bricks you use on the grill but it is actually quite different from those.

Activated charcoal is made from a wood or other substance (coconut is a popular substance) that is heated to a high temperature and then oxidized. This creates a highly porous surface that allows for very powerful absorption properties.

Charcoal is used in many common household items such as water filter purification systems. It has the ability to bind which can remove toxins, purify water, diminish odors and a myriad of other things.

When I first heard about the Beautycounter Charcoal Cleansing Bar and Purifying Mask I was super intrigued because I knew a good bit about the properties and benefits of charcoal and that these products could be a great addition to my safe skincare routine.

Charcoal + Safer Skincare Routine: Jessi's Kitchen

The Charcoal Cleansing Bar has become a staple in our house and even something my husband likes to use. I mean, it is a BLACK soap bar with very little fragrance- so super manly. 😉 This soap bar is made with antioxidant rich organic green tea and nourishing coconut oil. It can purify the skin while it nourishes and hydrates it. I personally like to use it at night before bed after I remove my makeup. I want my skin and pores to be clear and able to breathe while I sleep. It is a really great option if you tend to have oily skin.

Charcoal + Safer Skincare Routine: Jessi's Kitchen

The Purifying Charcoal Mask is easily one of the most popular items that Beautycounter sells and one of my personal favorites. I was really excited to get this because sometimes a girl really needs to “Treat Yo Self” and this is a great item to make you feel like you are getting a spa treatment at home without all of the added chemicals and expenses.

This mask is a mixture of kaolin clay and charcoal that works to gently exfoliate the skin, draw out impurities, smooth the skin, improve elasticity and shrink pores. It leaves my skin feeling SO soft and smooth. You can enhance the experience by hydrating your skin with the Rosewater Mist or Balancing Face Oil.

I have been really pleased with the results of adding charcoal to my skincare routine and most importantly it is a SAFE option that leaves your skin nourished and your body happy.

Charcoal + Safer Skincare Routine: Jessi's Kitchen




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  1. I have heard so much about charcoal in skincare and I am dying to try it! I’ve been using activated charcoal pills for years to deal with GI issues, and in my opinion it’s a miracle substance 🙂

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