Holiday Gift Guides + Free Stocking Stuffers

I seriously can’t believe that the holiday season is so quickly approaching. Where does the time go? I am putting together some GREAT holiday gift guides for you all and will be uploading them throughout the month. Right now I am sharing my “foodie” gift guide and will have some other categories up soon.

I also wanted to share some ways for you all to grab some FREE stocking stuffers. It seems like every year those are the gifts that I forget about.

If you have followed me for a while you know that I am super passionate about the topic and education of safe skincare. 1938 was the last year a federal law was passed regulating the cosmetic industry and right now it is completely legal for cosmetic companies to use toxic ingredients in their products. Even if those chemicals are known to cause cancer or other health issues.

Holiday Gift Guides: Jessi's Kitchen

This is where Beautycounter comes in. I absolutely love this company and their mission to bring safer cosmetics to the market while also educating the public on the importance of it. The holiday season is the perfect time to gift friends and family (or yourself) with safe skincare and cosmetics. Also – don’t forget to sign up as a Member and save!

Beautycounter recently released a stunning collection of Holiday Gift Sets that makes my holiday shopping so much easier and so fun. 

For the rest of the month I am personally giving you the opportunity to grab a FREE stocking stuffer from the options below with any Beautycounter purchase through Jessi’s Kitchen.


Holiday Gift Guides: Jessi's Kitchen

To qualify for this order you must send me a copy of your receipt to –


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Holiday Gift Guides + Free Stocking Stuffers: Jessi's Kitchen

Foodie Gift Guide

1. Instant Pot – one of the best purchases I have EVER made. Saves me so much time in the kitchen and my hero for meal prep!

2. Date Lady Fudge – I love this on top of some ice cream or just eating it out of the jar. A decadent fudge made with REAL food.

3. Blendtec Blender – these are a little bit of an investment but one of my favorite items. This high speed blender allows you to make the creamiest cheesecake and puree the toughest vegetables.

4. Thrive Market – a membership is the perfect gift for your healthy foodie friend. Think Costco for health food. One of my favorite places to buy specialty items and healthy food discounted.

5. Belgian Waffle Maker – few things I love more than waffles. This beglian style waffle maker is one of my favorite items!

6. Shun Chef Knife – this has been my favorite knife to use for years. It is mega sharp, super lightweight and a great gift for anyone trying to grow their knife skills. 

7. Primal Palate Organic Spices – literally the BEST spices you will ever have. We are completely obsessed in our house. We use that Adobo Seasoning and Garlic & Herb every single day!

8. Mini Food Processor – these are very affordable but make cooking and meal prep SO fast and easy. One of the items I recommend to anyone who wants to start making more meals at home.

9. Chemex Coffee Maker – my husband and I use this every single morning. It makes a smooth cup of coffee and the perfect amount for two.

10. Thermapen Thermometer – this is a bit of an investment but having a fast and accurate food thermometer is a dream come true. This one works in meat, oil and candy!


More Gift Guides COMING SOON

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