Seasonal Breakfast Tacos

Seasonal Breakfast Tacos: Jessi's Kitchen

I am really excited to share this Seasonal Breakfast Taco recipe with you all. This was created for our Bloomsbury Farm CSA Recipe Card Collection. If you have followed me for a while you definitely know how much we love our local CSA and farm. They are really the best around and I am super excited to be contributing some recipes this year along side Amanda from Plated Color and Melissa from A Happy Healthy Heart.

One of the best parts of having a CSA is learning how to cook seasonally. Once you start to do that it is really hard to do anything otherwise. Produce always tastes better when it is in season and when you get used to that you don’t really want it out of season. Secondly, I think it is really important to support your local farms.

I wanted to create something that really encompassed what was in our CSA basket and how to use it for a meal. I think sometimes it can be easy to get all this produce and then not really envision how to use it as a main part of a meal. Really all you have to do is grab some tortillas, avocado and salsa and then probably the rest of the ingredients are in your refrigerator or pantry.

I prefer to use Cassava Tortillas for this recipe. We like to use the recipe from Urban Poser that uses Otto’s Cassava Flour. I really prefer these to corn because they have a better texture and flavor. Feel free to change out the roasted vegetables with whatever you have in your CSA basket or whatever is in season. You pretty much have an endless variation of seasonal breakfast tacos and that is most definitely a win in my book!


Seasonal Breakfast Tacos: Jessi's Kitchen

Seasonal Breakfast Tacos
Serves 4
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Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
20 min
Roasted Vegetables
  1. 2 cups cauliflower florets
  2. 2 cups broccoli florets
  3. 1 cup red bell pepper, chopped
  4. ½ tsp granulated garlic
  5. ½ tsp smoked paprika
  6. ½ tsp black pepper
  7. 1 tsp sea salt
  8. 2 tbsp coconut or olive oil
  1. 2 avocado, sliced
  2. 2-3 radishes, sliced
  3. 2-3 tbsp fresh chives, chopped
  4. 16 oz jar salsa verde
  5. 8 fried eggs
  1. 8-10 corn or cassava tortillas
  1. Preheat oven to 400 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Combine the cauliflower, broccoli, red bell pepper, seasonings and oil and toss to combine. Roast for 12-15 minutes and then remove from oven.
  3. Fill each tortilla with the roasted vegetables and then top with avocado, radishes, chives, salsa and fried egg.
Jessi's Kitchen
Seasonal Breakfast Tacos: Jessi's Kitchen

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